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Organization Update – 1/25/19

Happy Friday Competent Women!

More good things happening as always here at WFS.

The Internet Services Management Team met to further discuss the launch of the new chat room, which is due to go fully live on February 1st! They’re also talking about new ways to use this great new software, which includes many more features than just a chat room. Have you ever wanted to keep a recovery blog to share your journey but didn’t feel comfortable posting it on the public web for everyone to see? Well we may just be able to help you with that!

Speaking of blogs, we have a new volunteer who is going to help get this public-facing blog a-hoppin’! I’ll let her introduce herself when she is ready, but keep your eye out for increased content being posted. We are hopeful that posting more content here will help folks who are curious about WFS learn more about all the wonderful things this New Life Program has to offer.

On the conference front, I was able to speak with our headliner for the WFS Annual Weekend Conference 2019, Karen Drucker. She is just such a special person and we are so fortunate to have her joining us for the entire weekend! We’re also getting some really great submissions in response to our Call for Presentations and our request for conference logo ideas. It still amazes me how every day my gratitude can grow for the amazing women of this organization.

Speaking of which, I’ve also got an angel volunteer hard at work searching for a new venue for the 2020 conference. That’s right – WFS is on the move! Where will it be? Well, we don’t know yet but we will make the announcement at the end of this year’s event. Better show up so that you can be among the first to hear the news!

On the boring “we’re good stewards of your donated funds” front, our beautiful Treasurer Britt Rodriguez was here this week doing our annual selected transactions audit. We combed through a plethora of receipts and bookkeeping records, tracing transactions from start to finish. This is an important financial control so that you can be sure your contributions are being spent appropriately and tracked properly… even if it’s not the most exciting way to spend a couple of January days!

Until next week, we at WFS remain…

Enthusiastically Yours!
Adrienne Miller
Women for Sobriety, Inc.

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