Monday Thoughts 4.8.24

“Every day brings new choices.”Martha Beck “The key to happiness—or that even more desired thing, calmness—lies not in always thinking happy thoughts. No. That is impossible. No mind on earth with any kind of intelligence could spend a lifetime enjoying only happy thoughts.  The key is in accepting your thoughts, all

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Conference Lodging Portal Now Open!

Portland State University has opened the lodging portal for the WFS Annual Weekend Conference 2022! Select your stay, meal, and parking options for the weekend. Get registered ($50 early registration discount available until 4/22): Portland State University Portal:                       

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How Intersectional is Your Feminism?

Feminism & Women For Sobriety by Jean Kirkpatrick, PhD In the early years, I was always startled when persons referred to WFS as part of the feminist movement and yet, I see quite clearly that it is.  Although I always knew that the values sought for through the Program are

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello Competent Women! I wanted to give a quick shout-out of love to all of our 4C women today! Whether you have a sweetheart or not, I sincerely hope that all of you can take a moment to practice a little self-love and self-appreciation today. I remember one year, well

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