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WFS 2023 Conference Workshop – Home Is Within You

Nadia Davis is the mother of three sons and is a writer, attorney, and kundalini yoga instructor. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in sociology, and Loyola Law School with a Juris Doctor.
She has received numerous awards for her work improving the lives of others, including the John F. Kennedy Jr. Public Service Award, the National Women’s Political Caucus Woman of the Year award.
We are all infinite beings, whole, perfect, and complete in our truest form. Since childhood we have lived in a mode of believing we are just bodies and the thoughts our mind makes. When we remember that our minds are survivalist in nature, we can become more aware of “attack thoughts” on self and others that separate us from that truth, the only truth that matters, as well as each other.
With breath work and simple meditation practices, we can visualize a neutral space where we are better able to calm the body’s somatic responses, observe our thoughts. A home within is a place free of attack thoughts on self and others.

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