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Founded in 1975, Women for Sobriety (WFS) is the first peer-support program tailored specifically for women overcoming substance use disorders (SUDs). With both regional and online meetings, the New Life Program provides supportive, empowering, secular, and life-affirming principles that address the unique needs and challenges of women in recovery. Groups and discussion forums provide mutual support online. Join here! The WFS New Life Program is inclusive of all women, regardless of financial resources, race, religion, abilities, and backgrounds. 

“We are capable and competent, caring and compassionate, always willing to help another, bonded together in overcoming our addictions.”   

— WFS motto

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WFS is the only program that ever spoke to me. It gently whispered to my heart and soul. It made me grow and change and believe. I am now empowered and unstoppable! I am so grateful for WFS and my Tribe!

Lisa F

Women for Sobriety works for me because it provides the tools and support I need to heal from my addiction and not only survive, but thrive in my recovery. The thirteen statements of the New Life Program helped me shift from feeling I was at the mercy of my negative thoughts to using positive thinking to create a life that I love.

Rebecca W

I’m coming up on ten years sober using WFS as my only recovery program. WFS didn’t just help me get sober, it helped me learn how to live a successful, fulfilling life. The Statements are foundational and, as you grow in your recovery, they grow with you. I used the online message boards and chats as there wasn’t a local meeting and the support system there was invaluable.

Sara R

WFS works for me because it is deeply, personally empowering! I can bare my soul here, and I am continually supported and uplifted, not judged. This collective of women’s wisdom has become my “tribe.” We are greater together than the sum of our parts.

Amy R

WFS has helped me to retrain my brain and be more positive. When you quit drinking you have to change your thinking or nothing will change.

Amy P

I’m grateful for the many paths to recovery that are available today. I chose Women for Sobriety initially because I felt safer with women only. I stayed because the WFS New Life Program gave me hope for a full and happy life, one that had no place or need for escapism. I’m grateful for my New Life and encourage every person to find the path works for you.

Wendy D

Women for Sobriety, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
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