Whether you can donate a few hours each week, each month or each year, please fill out our Volunteer Application. After you send your application you will receive an invitation to our monthly virtual volunteer orientation, held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8:30 p.m. Eastern where you will hear more about the various volunteer opportunities.

We rely on volunteers for many tasks, including:

  • Helping at the Annual Weekend Conference (limited work scholarships may be available annually)
  • Running local Regional Meetings (Certified Facilitator)
  • Communicating concerning questions from members of the WFS Online Community (The Community Care Group)
  • Running online meetings (Certified Facilitator)
  • Reaching out to treatment centers and medical professionals to tell them about the WFS New Life Program (Advancement and Awareness)
  • Reviewing, editing, and sharing physical and digital prints of Jean Kirkpatrick’s work (Materials)
  • Tabling or giving presentations at local and national recovery conferences and events (Advancement and Awareness)
  • Serving on our Board of Directors (see here)

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Certified Facilitators (CF) — Regional and Virtual Meetings

Women for Sobriety relies on our volunteer facilitators to bring the New Life Program into their local communities and to women online. Our minimum requirements to be a CF include:

Additionally, we ask that our in-person meeting CF’s be willing to:

  • Make an initial commitment to a minimum of six months of weekly meetings to allow the group time to develop,
  • Send 100% of group donations to the WFS organization on a regular basis (this is used to send literature and supplies to the group, as well as support outreach and other program activities),
  • Obtain a rent-free meeting space, and
  • Correspond with prospective meeting attendees by both email and telephone.

If this describes you, please fill out our Volunteer Application and indicate that you are applying for a Certified Facilitator position. Within a few days, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator for a screening call to ensure that you meet the above requirements. You’ll then receive the full Facilitator Certification Application form – for an idea of what is included, here are the questions for your review. After the full application has been received, you may be contacted again by someone on our Facilitator Team. After becoming certified, you will receive a package in the mail with your training manual and certificate.

If you need help meeting any of the requirements above or if you have any questions about the certification process, please contact facilitator@womenforsobriety.org and someone from our Facilitator Team will help you out.

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WFS Teams

Our teams are instrumental in bringing WFS to the next level. During a strategic planning session in 2016, the WFS Board of Directors identified six key operational dimensions that needed to be developed to further strengthen the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Eventually, these became six Management Teams, and we also added one additional critical group, the Conference Management Team.

You can join one of the Teams directly or, if you have a specific project in mind that you want to work on, our Volunteer Coordinator will help you determine where in the Team framework that project fits. The sky is the limit here — if you have the idea, drive, and time, please share it with us! As long as your project is in line with the organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values, chances are that we can find a way to empower you to help us help more women.

  • Conference Team — Plans and coordinates the WFS Annual Weekend Conference. Includes workgroups for conference activities and logistics. Email conference@womenforsobriety.org for more information.
  • Facilitator Team — Supports and grows meeting program, increasing the quality and availability of in-person, video, and chat New Life Program meetings. Email facilitator@womenforsobriety.org for more information.
  • Web Services Team — Manages the WFS Online community and this public website. Email internetservices@womenforsobriety.org for more information.
  • Materials Team — Guiding New Life literature into the 21st century! This team is evaluating and updating WFS branding and bookstore offerings to be relevant to today’s recovering woman. Email materials@womenforsobriety.org for more information.
  • Advancement and Awareness Team — Identifying and developing sources of funds for the WFS organization so that we can further increase our reach to women in recovery. Includes workgroups for annual fundraisers and exploring additional sources of revenue, such as grants and corporate sponsorships. Makes sure the New Life message makes it to the women who need it, including the professional recovery community. Email fundraising@womenforsobriety.org for more information.
  • Volunteer Empowerment Team – Explores and develops ways to empower even more women to become involved in growing and implementing the organization’s services. Runs the monthly Volunteer Orientation event. Email vet@womenforsobriety.org for more information.

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