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Why donate to WFS?

The annual Teddy Bear Challenge is a major fundraiser to generate funds to sustain the operations, programs and support offered by WFS. With TruPat, we donate in gratitude for the support we receive and to pay it forward for the next woman who joins.  

In honor of the tradition established by TeddyBear many years ago:

I challenge the WFS community to donate as much money this year as the WFS Angel donated in 2021: Challenge amount: $50,013 by June 14, 2022  

Can you be one of the major donors? Last year we had: 

Silver, $500-$999 – 1 donor

Gold, $1000 – $4,999 – 7 donors 

Platinum, $5,000+ – 2 donors 

Our community has reached a total of $5,132 … 10% of our goal.  You can make a difference if you donate! Every dollar is important. 

Donate to the TBC online: or download this form to mail in your donation.

Women for Sobriety, Inc (WFS) is a NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) company operated by a few employees and an army of volunteers.

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