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Why donate to WFS?

The WFS organization needs your donations to continue to operate and offer the programs of services to women in recovery, who are offered support without charge.  Reflect a moment … we each arrived to use a program structured for our needs, were wrapped in kind support, pointed in the right direction for self-work, and were not sent an invoice for services rendered.  Personally, in a word, priceless.  It is with gratitude that I volunteer and donate.

So here is the challenge to you, the community of rock star women…

I challenge the WFS community to donate as much money this year,

as the WFS Angel donated in 2021.  The challenge amount is $50,013  by June 14, 2022.  

Last year, we had this many major donors:

Silver, $500-$999 – 1 donor

Gold, $1000 – $4,999 – 7 donors

Platinum, $5,000+ – 2 donors

If you are financially able, are you willing to be a major donor?  

Have you been helped in building a New Life? 

Have you avoided costs like, therapy sessions at $75 each, in or outpatient treatment for thousands, DUI consequences for thousands? 

Saved or rebuilt a relationship with a loved one?  

While we work to raise much needed funds to sustain WFS, every dollar is important.  If you can afford $13.00, we treasure that donation as much as $1,300.  

Please, please consider donating to the Teddy Bear Challenge and support the organization that supports each of us.

Donate to the TBC online

or download this form to mail in your donation.


Women for Sobriety, Inc (WFS) is a NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) company operated by a few employees and an army of volunteers.

And yes, along the way, you might win a doll!

Hugs and Aloha,


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