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Announcing New Regional Meetings

WFS continues to adapt to support women in recovery in this time of public health concerns related to the pandemic!  We applaud these ground-breaking WFS volunteers who are now facilitating Regional Video meetings.  Please use the email for a specific meeting below to get more details.

1116 – St. Louis, MO Saturday, 8:30 AM.  For details contact [email protected]
1036 – Asheville, NC Thursday, 06:30 PM. For details contact [email protected]
1017 – San Diego, CA Saturday, 10:15 AM. For details contact [email protected]
1025 – Champaign, IL Monday, 07:00 PM. For details contact [email protected]
1047 – Cincinnati, OH Wednesday, 07:00 PM. For details contact [email protected]
1100 – Central Valley California Tuesday, 8:30 AM. For details contact [email protected]
1090 – Seacoast NH Wednesday, 7:00 PM. For details contact [email protected]
1035 – Twin Cities MN West Suburbs Sunday, 10:00 AM. For details contact [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Announcing New Regional Meetings

  1. Meeting 1025-Champaign, IL meeting is on Monday at 7 pm, not 8 pm as listed here.

    1. Thank you! It has been corrected.

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