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Monday Thoughts 9/7/2020

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.”  ~~Marty McGee Bennett

“Start today by imagining the life you want in the future and taking one practice step towards it.”  ~~Denise Duffield Thomas

“Generosity is a practice.  And as with anything we practice, we get better at it over time.”  ~~Barbara Bonner

#11 Enthusiasm is my daily exercise. 

I treasure the moments of my New Life.

Let us acknowledge for some, feeling enthusiastic can be challenging right now with the uncertainty and disruption of our daily lives.  Take a moment to reflect and ask yourself ‘What is it that I need right now?’  Why not adapt Statement #11 to fit your needs: Feeling frustrated or snappy? Patience is my daily exercise.  Feeling alone? Connection is my daily exercise. Procrastinating? Diligence is my daily exercise. 

Why did Jean use the word ‘exercise’ in this Statement?  Reading her books and articles, her intention was to create a healthy habit.  Whatever you may be struggling with right now is an opportunity to adapt and practice.  The more we move through the discomfort, treasuring the moment can come naturally or become automatic. 

Each of us adapted when we became sober.  We chose a different way of living our daily lives.  Through the many small, healthy changes that we make, we cement our sobriety and recovery.  This week examine what you can do to adapt and strengthen your New Life.  What area of your life needs attention?  What will you practice? 




Hi 4C Women,

I relate so much to Karen’s message.  The first part of Statement #11 has always been a bit challenging for me and during this pandemic, it is even more so.  The questions are just what I needed to read and consider how I can better adapt and strengthen my New Life.  For me, it goes to the second part of the Statement.  In order to treasure the moments of my New Life, I have to be “in” the moment.  And that goes back to what Karen said, that in order to be enthusiastic and treasure the moments, we need to create a healthy habit and practice, practice, practice. 

I know what brings me enthusiasm and that is being with people.  Perhaps that is why I am struggling more now than usual and why I love going to the grocery store, mask and all, just to be in the presence of other human beings.  So, I gave it more thought and realized that I also like holiday decorating and organizing.  I decorate for 3 seasons – Christmas/Winter, Easter/Spring and Fall/Halloween.  I say winter, spring and fall because I tend to keep up my bunnies and snowmen way past the actual holiday.  It’s a great excuse to do so.  They put a huge smile on my face and why would I want to give that up? 

Now that I know what my top three enthusiastic joys are, here is the difficult question to answer – what area of my life needs attention and how will I practice making that change?  I almost wanted to pretend I didn’t see that question.  For some reason, I am eating as though I live in a grocery store that is attached to a restaurant.  My structure/routine of life has changed and eating has taken a front row seat.  That’s the area I need to focus on so I have the energy to keep up on my 3 top joys and be healthy.  Perhaps I needed to say this out loud so I am accountable.  All I need is a bit more motivation and begin to practice, practice and practice some more! And most of all, for anyone answering these questions, please have patience with yourself.  These are not ordinary times yet we are 4C women and capable indeed of creating positive change as we are able.

Lastly, try these sensory delight questions to lift your spirits:

I love the taste of:

I love the sight of:

I love the feel of:

I love the smell of:

I love the sound of: 

Bonded in learning to treasure the moments of our New Life, Dee

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