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Monday Thoughts 4/6/2020

“A negative attitude drains, a positive attitude energizes.”  ~~Lindsey Rietzsch

“Worry is like a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.”  ~~Proverb

“Try giving up all the thoughts that make you feel bad, or even just some of them, and see how doing that changes your life.  You don’t need negative thoughts.  All they have ever given you was a false sense that suffers.”  ~~Gina Lake


#2 Negative thoughts destroy only myself.

My first conscious sober act is to reduce negativity in my life.


The WFS New Life Program encourages change and adaptability which is exactly what is called for during this time of uncertainty.  Statement #2 in action is essential right now and many women are changing how they spend their days; from limiting daily news to taking extra precautions when needing to go out.

Repeated exposure to negativity creates a shortcut in our brains.  Just listening to warnings over and over can create a” groove” if you will, for quick responses to uncertainty or fear.  It is a normal function of our brain.  It works to keep us safe from dangers like facing a bear or burning a finger on a hot stove.  Once you feel that intensity, you can heed your internal warning system and run away or not touch the stove.  With each repeated exposure, our brains learn and send signals to keep us safe.

Yet, when it comes to our emotional and mental well-being, some shortcuts can become defined and have the opposite effect.  As shortcuts are made, they can become faster and we can move from well-being to panic in milliseconds.  These feelings can be intense and can distort facts. Logic can be lost while the heart races and you break into a sweat with worry, but in fact, you are safe in your home.

How can we apply and practice this Statement today?  First, pause and take a deep breath.  When worry intensifies or panic appears, stop what you are doing.  Take stock on what is happening in this moment around you.  Be still.  Let the feeling move through you and focus on stillness instead of running around in panic mode.  Know that the feeling will pass and ask yourself what good will come out of holding onto negative thoughts.  Challenge your thinking and ask yourself questions.  The more you practice reducing negativity, the more your emotional intelligence rises.

Stay healthy, be well.



Hi 4C Women,

This Statement changed the way I spoke to myself when I felt inferior, intimidated or unworthy.  Old messages would come flooding back and I was frozen in fear and inadequacy.  It took a while to change those immediate negative thoughts.  I realized that I also had a negative “attitude” and it was like a complete circle.  My self-talk was negative and my attitude went right along with it.  I pretended a lot back then that everything was “fine” but I was also in full swing with the blame game.  I didn’t recognize it as a negative attitude until I found WFS.  This is not to say that I was not hurt or damaged from the painful words and actions of others.  No, that was authentic pain I kept alive and well long after the damage was done.  I took over where they left off.  WFS provided the turning point in my thinking and attitude.  When I reflect on the untruthful messages from the past, from people who are no longer in my life, Statement 9 made me realize that to keep those damaging messages alive and well in my head was needlessly continuing the pain.   I won’t deny the pain occurred from real life events/people but I finally realized I needed healing, not punishment.  I was blessed with compassionate people along the way who gave me the needed time and loving support to start the healing process.   I still believe in sharing the pain with others who don’t judge me but who understand and encourage.  We all need that.  I also learned that healing is a process.  It’s not a straight path and I’m glad I know that because I might have gone back to that quick self-judgment at a low moment without that knowledge.

I want to say,” Don’t Lose Hope!”  Change is possible with a willing, compassionate heart and loving yourself as you are today, at this very moment.  We are living in a challenging time and our recovery is a top priority for when this is over, we will have learned a lot about ourselves, our resiliency, our courage and our truths as 4C women.

Bonded in reducing negativity, surviving and thriving, supporting and encouraging ourselves and others with positivity, Dee

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