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Monday Thoughts 2/17/2018

“I’m still learning.”  ~~Michelangelo

“We all have ‘issues’ because we all have a story.  And no matter how much work you have done on yourself, we all snap back sometimes.  So be easy on you.  Growth is a dance.  Not a light switch.”  ~~John Kim

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”  ~~Abigail Adams.

#8 The fundamental object of life is emotional and spiritual growth.

Daily I put my life into a proper order, knowing which are the priorities.

Many of us recognize the inspirational works of art by Michelangelo, whether it be his smooth sculptures or magnificent ceilings.  Yet, it was the depth of his willingness to continue to grow and learn that is most often overlooked. The result of this openness to growth made him an unintended master. Being able to adapt, to change, to grow and learn is what Statement #8 is built from.

Growth can be as simple as extracting something valuable from a situation, feeling or moment. For example, my friend Jackie recently shared that she adores the rain and it has been raining quite a bit lately. Growing up, in the back yards of her neighborhood sat an old, rusty bread truck with its doors wide open, dusty windows and tattered seats with grass growing beyond the worn-out tires.  During the summer it was simply too hot to play in, but……when it rained…it was the perfect spot to stay dry, safe and cozy.  Jackie spent hours listening to the rain plop onto the withered metal as the stillness surrounded and comforted her. It filled her senses in every way. Today, rain is a gentle reminder to see and feel the value in the moment and Jackie can be transported back to that secluded place whenever the sky unleashes the next shower.

Statement #8 encourages finding value and embracing growth in your New Life.  What is your ‘bread truck’ moment that you can bring forward and use to enhance your life?  What did that moment feel like? Describe it fully. What has it taught you?  How is this different today in sobriety and recovery?  Are you open and willing to continue learning like Michelangelo? If not, what is holding you back?

Hugzzz and dancing in the rain,


Hi 4C Women,

This reminds me of a quote by Roger Miller:
Some people walk in the rain.  Others just get wet.

To me, this symbolizes listening to our spirit, living in the moment.  Nancy Cross once shared a post that spoke so much to me about doing just that.  I’d like to share it as I am feeling a great deal of physical pain and discomfort and am struggling with pulling back.  It feels unnatural and yet reading this message, I realize I need to listen to my body and my spirit in order to heal.

Taken from: Faith in The Valley – Iyanla Vanzant
“When you get the urge to stay home, be alone, pull back, or shut down, it is probably your spirit urging you to take a rest. Do not ignore it! Honor yourself by taking some time out. Take a day away. There may be something very important going on within you that you need to know about. You must get quiet in order to hear it. The job will be there, and people will simply have to understand; what can be done today can also be done tomorrow. All duties and responsibilities can wait. Your spirit cannot!
Rest, Stillness, Solitude, Introspection, Reflection, are spiritual vibrations. They keep us from breaking down, falling apart, and being forced into a living deficiency.”

Reward yourself with a spiritual health day once in a while!  How do you envision your personal spiritual health day?
Bonded in listening to our spirit to promote spiritual growth, Dee

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