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WFS 2023 Conference Workshop – Intergenerational Trauma – Family Loyalty and Addiction

Carolyn Zahner, MSW, LISW, maintains a private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio where she provides Integrative Psychotherapy and specializes in trauma healing. She has consulted in treatment programs, schools, churches, and other human service organizations in addition to providing her own workshops and retreats. Carolyn approaches healing from a systemic and intergenerational perspective. Clients succeed in embracing all of who they are with dignity, compassion, and resilience.

This workshop will explore the impact of intergenerational trauma, individual trauma, and the role addiction plays in the survival of your family system – as well as your own survival. Transgenerational trauma and the inherent need to belong can greatly impact one’s path to recovery. We will discover an expanded view of addiction and recovery by including the systems that keep harmful patterns in play, and how those same forces hold support and resources to move beyond addiction.

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