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WFS 2023 Conference Workshop – Healing our Relationship with Money


Taryn Strong is a founder of SHE RECOVERS® Foundation – a nonprofit that connects, supports and empowers women of all ages(recovering in all areas of their lives) through its virtual platforms and in­ person community networks.

Taryn is also a Recovery Coach, Herbalist and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. Taryn’s courageous vulnerability and passion for recovering out loud has made her an influential voice in the global recovery movement. Taryn creates and curates transformational experiences online and in person through her group and private mentorship offerings. As a certified Trauma of Money Facilitator, she currently specializes in financial empowerment & money healing.

Cultivating a relationship with our money is essential… and doing so from a nourished nervous system is key. Regardless of your current financial situation or habits, together we will take the time to look at your money through a compassionate lens – for clarity and awareness. We will begin with a 30-minute Trauma-Informed Yoga Practice followed by Self-reflective Journal Prompts & Actionable Steps toward your financial empowerment.

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