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Paid Research Study

The team at VT would like to thank the WFS 4C women who are already participating in this study and would like to invite more of you to join. At this point, they are specifically looking for more participants in longer term recovery.

Virginia Tech is seeking adults in long-term recovery from addiction, including alcohol, for
an online research study. Participants in this study (IRB# 21-697) will complete 4 surveys
per year over 3 years and will be compensated for their time (up to $1,280 over 3 years).
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Call the research team at 540-315-0205 to learn more!

2 thoughts on “Paid Research Study

  1. I tried to register for this but it kept saying my confirmation key was not correct. I also got error messages about this not being a secure site. Please advise.

    1. Please use the contact information provided to contact Virginia Tech directly.

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