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Monday Thoughts 11.28.22

“Love does not need a receipt.”

WFS Sister

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone.”

Shannon L. Alder

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

#10 All love given returns.

I am learning to know that I am loved.

Our founder, Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. gave from her heart. Jean shared her insights, shared her thoughts and she shared her life. Through Jean, Women for Sobriety was first a thought, then a reality and WFS flourished through her love. Jean was a beautiful living example of Statement #10 in action.

As we close out the month of November, it is important to acknowledge Giving Tuesday, which happens to be tomorrow. WFS exists because of donations from you. For the past 45 plus years, we have been self-supporting, meaning having received no grants, large corporate donations, or government support. WFS is here today because of the love from the women who embrace this life-changing and life-saving organization…. All love given returns!

Take a moment to estimate the amount of money you spent on alcohol/drug of choice each week. It can be astonishing to grasp the sum, then shift that to how sobriety and recovery have changed your life. Women for Sobriety is available to all women, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take a moment to acknowledge the depth of your New Life and put action into Statement #10. Maybe you would like to make a monthly donation, which is one of the ways I love to give back, or maybe you would like to give a single donation. You can also give in honor of someone, or in memory of someone as well. Every little bit helps and keeps this empowering organization available to women just like you.



Hi 4C Women,

I absolutely love how Karen expressed that Jean’s heart gave us the most wonderful opportunity to both create our own New Life and experience authentic love in the process. Try to imagine doing this in 1975 in the midst of the women’s rights movement! Women were struggling for their place in this world and for their rights to be equal. I have a feeling that motivated Jean even more as she understood the unique needs of women in recovery, thus pioneering a recovery program of empowerment through building self-esteem, self-love, self-worth. I recognize now that while I was learning to love myself, I was already loved due to Jean’s devotion and understanding of women’s needs through her own life experiences.  It amazes me and brings me great joy when I think of her determination, resilience, and courage to create such an empowering program so many years ago.

One of my greatest gifts from WFS is compassion. I learned to not judge but to listen, to see the willingness of women to keep moving forward after experiencing great sadness, disappointment, pain, loss, and so much more. While our histories are diverse, our way of coping through alcohol or drugs is the path we chose. Statement #10 is how we bond and support each other in love, caring, and compassion as we seek a New Life. This is why all love given returns is felt deeply and it is the path to knowing we are loved.

Remember to give compassion to yourself as you would a dear friend. Remember to sing your own praises – list the things you like/love about yourself. Nurture yourself and reflect on how it felt. Importantly, there are all kinds of love – hobby love, nature love, team love, bff love, family love, online friend love, pet love, book love, self-love. Can you name a few others?

I encourage you to consider a tax-deductible donation to WFS on Giving Tuesday as Karen suggested. We stand strong when we stand together and this is one way to show that. It is a way of saying thank you to Jean, and to those who continued to make sure WFS was and is still there for any woman seeking a positive approach to recovery.

Bonded in loving, being loved, and compassion for those in need, Dee

At Women for Sobriety, we have a goal to offer lifesaving resources to women overcoming substance use disorders. With your help, we can make this a reality! 

On the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, November 29th, you’ll have the chance to:

  • $25 can deliver valuable WFS resources to professional providers to share with their clients
  • $75 can provide at least 3 women the gift of a New Life with free program materials
  • $100 can distribute monthly email newsletters
  • $250 can support the maintenance of WFS Online (reaching more than 4,000 women) per month
  • $360 can cover the WFS office phone service for one year
  • $500 can support the storage, preparation, and shipping of materials to providers and women in need 

Will you help us unlock the gift of a New Life?


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