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Monday Thoughts 3.7.22

“I believe, every day, you should have at least one exquisite moment.”    Audrey Hepburn

“When your actions and habits combine with intense effort and are directed by a solid purpose, it is this level of commitment that charges the senses and fuels your enthusiasm for attaining the seemingly impossible.”

Scott Allen

“Enthusiasm rules the world.”    Arthur Balfour

#11 Enthusiasm is my daily exercise.

I treasure the moments of my New Life.

Sobriety and Statement #11 in action offer a unique perspective to a New Life. It is the practice of finding moments during the day to embrace and experience gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in negative thought patterns, especially in active addiction. Yet sobriety and recovery present an opportunity to be involved in life and hold dear its moments.

What does it mean to treasure? According to, used as a verb as in Statement #11, it is to “regard or treat as precious; cherish. To retain carefully or keep in store, as in the mind or to put away for security or future use, such as money.” Before sobriety, my actions showed little to no regard for anything other than feeding the insatiable dragon. Gratefully today, enthusiasm has become part of my daily practice.

Each morning reading the Statements, I am “keeping in store/retaining carefully” the framework to “treasure the moments of my New Life.” In our WFS Program booklet, it states” Enthusiasm gives life a special meaning. To be enthusiastic is to live each day to the fullest.” This week, identify and focus on what gives your life special meaning. Define it, own it, and experience it. It is your beautiful treasure.



Dear 4C Women,

Such a powerful question to focus on what gives your life special meaning, especially considering what is happening in the world, our world, and those who are struggling for their lives, their safety. At the beginning of my recovery journey, I told myself I was making a big sacrifice to give up drinking. What I failed to incorporate into my “sacrifice” was the purpose, the reward of this sacrifice. I thought the sole purpose was to not drink, that would make my life perfect. Yet through the WFS program and Statement #11, came a much deeper understanding that led to my discovering the purpose behind it all. I discovered that there were diverse purposes, beginning with creating a New Life, a rewarding life with moments that I cherished.  After facilitating for a year, I recognized there was a profound purpose, the reward of sharing the WFS program, and being privileged to watch the personal and emotional growth of women who were searching for their purpose.  I became a new woman, I loved helping women learn how to create a new life for themselves. I had found my purpose beyond not drinking. Each time a new woman comes to a meeting in person or zoom, my enthusiasm for my purpose is enhanced and my gratitude is beyond measure. I truly believe that having a purpose in recovery creates enthusiasm, awareness, and joyful moments to treasure.

Think about where you are in your recovery and what your purpose is that feeds your enthusiasm, your gratefulness for having such an empowering, self-esteem building program. As change happens, make note of how rewarding it is to know you have created this powerful change. You are the driver of your enthusiasm journey. I feel so strongly that we need to express enthusiasm when it appears, to have the awareness of the moment.
Questions to consider when thinking about enthusiasm, gratitude, and possible changes to create those treasured moments in your life:

What activity makes you lose track of time?
What small act of enthusiasm/positive change do you feel will have a major impact on your life?
What currently is your reward or rewards in creating your New Life?

Have you discovered your purpose in sobriety, recovery? If so, what is it?
Bonded in gratitude for our New Life, the women who support us, and the challenges we have, continue to face, and survive, Dee

The REAL PRIORITY for the Teddy Bear Challenge is to raise money so that Women for Sobriety, Inc. (WFS) will be able to continue to maintain and expand this community for us … and for the women who join AFTER
We pay it forward.  
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