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Volunteers Needed for Peer Alternatives for Addiction 2 (PAL2) Study

A research team at the Alcohol Research Group, which conducted the groundbreaking Peer Alternatives for Addiction (PAL) Study, has received federal funding for a larger and more detailed follow-up study.  We hope you will participate.  The original PAL study examined the effectiveness of several mutual-help groups, including LifeRing, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, and 12-step groups, and found evidence that all groups are equally effective as recovery supports.  The investigators are now seeking volunteers to participate in their new study, which looks more closely at how these mutual-help groups work and which group works best for whom.  Results of this important study will help addiction treatment providers to make informed referrals to mutual-help groups.  They will also help people seeking peer support to make the best choices possible for their recovery pathways.

Study participants must have attended or led a Women For Sobriety meeting within the past 30 days.  Also, study participants must be 18 or older and be a U.S. resident.  Those surveyed for the original PAL study in 2015 may not participate in the current study.  Participants will receive Amazon gift certificates totaling up to $115. The study uses strict data security procedures to protect participant confidentiality.

To learn more about the study and take the online survey, please visit

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