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Monday Thoughts 11/29/2021

“Be the reason someone feels welcome, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.”  ~~Unknown

“There can be a deep loneliness that comes from not having a family that has your back.  I hope you can find supportive people who show up for you.”  ~~Laura Mohai

“You’re not selfish for wanting the same energy and love you give.”  ~~Unknown

#10 All love given returns.

I am learning to know that I am loved.

With Thanksgiving now over, the holidays have officially started. Lights, music, and traditions are just some of the routines being set into motion, yet this time of year can also bring about conflicting emotions.  For some, feelings of lack or loneliness can deepen the divide, moving us away from love instead of towards it.

Sobriety and Statement #10 in action can instill feelings of balance through even small acts of love.  Women for Sobriety was created out of Jean Kirkpatrick’s love, and we are bonded together yet today through that love.  What a gift! Just imagine the countless lives who have been changed by Jean’s dedication and love.  If you are reading this, you are a recipient of that love.

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday.  Please consider how you can share your love.  Pay it forward with an end of year financial contribution or start a recurring monthly donation.  You can donate in other ways too; your time and talents can be a gift of love through volunteering.  JoAnne, our new Volunteer Coordinator would LOVE to get you involved with one of the teams that need help right now. Another way to share your love is to start a WFS meeting in your area, either face to face or online. With action into Statement #10 you can ensure all love given returns!

To donate, click here.

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Hi 4C Women,

Learning to know that I am loved by me is my first thought whenever I read this Statement.  It’s mostly because I didn’t have self-love so actually believing I was loved by others was a huge stretch.  It was much easier for me to give love yet believing it would be returned took a bit of acceptance.  When I was told I was loved, I silently rejected it.  I realize now that I was loved, I just didn’t love myself enough or at all to actually believe others loved me.

It always touches my heart when I think of Jean taking her struggles and creating a program that changed my life and thousands of others.  I was so unsure of how to become the woman who was lovable, confident and worthy.  It was the empowering Statements that literally changed my whole approach to recovery.    Whenever I felt stuck, one of the Statements would pop into my mind, changing the way I thought, behaved and responded to situations and triggers – and there were plenty of them.  Can you imagine turning your life around in a positive direction when you’re feeling broken, unlovable and unworthy?  Well, the New Life program did just that for me.  Of course, it took practice not to fall back to my usual immediate, unhealthy choice.  After a while, it became easier to make better choices as practicing the Statements became a habit that brought me that confidence, self-love and worthiness.  I was beginning to have actions that supported my self-acceptance.

Over the years I have heard of broken family relationships and how the holidays only seem to highlight that emptiness.  It is the loving, caring support of those who understand these feelings that help build a strong foundation of love.  Sometimes we have to create the family we needed and didn’t get.  Sometimes we reconcile and work toward healing if possible.  Either way, we can give and receive love in a nourishing way that supports our well-being, our personal growth.  We deserve it!

I love that Karen spoke about Giving Tuesday and other ways to give back to this life changing program.  It’s a big thank you to the staff, volunteers and always to Jean Kirkpatrick, our founder.  I am a true believer in giving back for a gift that is immeasurable.  It takes a lot of competent women to keep this organization moving forward.   So, whether it’s a financial donation or a volunteer opportunity, I hope you will consider how you can give back.

Bonded in giving and receiving love for the 4C woman you are, Dee

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  1. Thank you for all you do! Love Monday Thoughts! I find myself sharing and reflecting all week!

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