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Women for Sobriety Strategic Plan

Release the past – plan for tomorrow – live for today!

The WFS Board of Directors is happy to release our new Strategic Plan, including our new, modernized Vision, Mission, and Values statements. We hope that you will join us as we continue to develop the New Life Program and reach even more women in the future!




WFS envisions a world where individuals live mindful lives and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions Through the New Life Program, WFS supports women seeking a sober life in recovery from problematic substance use


Compassion: WFS promotes empathy and caring for self and others.

Connection: WFS creates safe spaces where women support the expression of thoughts, feelings, and needs.

Empowerment: WFS encourages and celebrates women and their right to be their own unique individuals.

Love: WFS commits to authentic relationships defined by mutual value and worth.

Respect: WFS acts with integrity, honoring every woman’s experiences and ideas.


What about the old Mission Statement?

Let us know what we should do with the 2011 version of the Mission Statement by taking this brief survey.

Image of a phoenix rising with the words "I'm Possible!


Learn more about the strategic planning process and how we are putting it into practice at the Celebrate the Possibilities event on Saturday night at the WFS Virtual Conference 2021!

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