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Monday Thoughts 3/1/2021

“Love recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”  ~~Maya Angelou

“In the end nothing we do or say in this lifetime will matter as much as the way we have loved one another.”  ~~Daphne Rose Kingma

“The giving of love is an education in itself.”  ~~Eleanor Roosevelt

#10 All love given returns.

I am learning to know that I am loved.

Our founder, Jean Kirkpatrick, PhD., recognized that she needed help to stop drinking. She tried and failed, and tried again, and succeeded when she looked deep within and embraced love. Originally, she set out to help herself reclaim her New Life but then freely gave of herself, gave her love to the world and Women for Sobriety was born.  Over 45 years later, her love is still going strong.  Such a beautiful example of Statement #10 in action.

We are all here today, bonded together because of one woman’s mission to share what she discovered, and her love is at the center of it all.  From our yearly Conference, WFS Online Forum and the untold number of face-to-face meetings held over the years, love binds us together in growth, in joy and in hope.  From these simple beginnings, love continues to ripple outward, touching the lives of women everywhere and beyond.

Tomorrow, March 2, is Jean’s birthday and in honor of this special day, you are encouraged to find a way to share love this week.  Two ways to share your love are by donating to WFS by clicking here or you can volunteer your time or talents by clicking right here.  The world can always use more love.  What ways will you share love this week?



Hi 4C Women,

I have been a part of WFS for 33 years!  It was this empowering program of hope, love, and commitment to creating a New Life in recovery that has given me a purpose in my life and for others searching to create their own New Life.  I have always been a fan of giving back, to shine a light on the path of recovery for those who are unsure, fearful, and yet clinging to hope for a way out and a way into a fulfilling life where they learn to love themselves and know that they are loved.

In 33 years, I have met so many phenomenal women, including Jean Kirkpatrick, who worked diligently in creating change.  There have been hundreds of phone calls, emails, texts, conference workshops and over 1,400 meetings that have been my purpose, my reward in showing love and compassion to those 4C women.   Absolutely none of this would have happened without Jean Kirkpatrick’s learning to love herself at a time when even saying it out loud would have been considered conceited and self-centered, especially for a woman in the 1970s as the women’s movement was just beginning.  She kept going and was determined to share her path, her knowledge of a positive way to recovery that has impacted thousands of lives around the world.

It seems almost impossible to imagine that it was 45 years ago that she was courageous enough to present a program for women only!  After all, there was such a double standard back then yet she didn’t let that stop her.  Celebrating Jean, WFS and all the lives she has touched is such a beautiful way to honor her.

A lot has changed this past year with the pandemic yet WFS has continued to reach out to those women in need of support and encouragement, a way of living with love, compassion and forgiveness.  I have always felt that forgiveness was a large part of learning to love myself and believe that others loved me.  So, as you consider ways of honoring Jean, whether financially or volunteering in some capacity, supporting all the facilitators by attending meetings, I hope that as you make a decision, you will see that exuberant, 5’ woman standing up to doubters, fearless and competent with her purpose intact, giving us the power to love and be loved.

“Self-love grows from actions that support our growth.  It is accepting our weaknesses as well as our strengths.  It is having compassion for ourselves as we continue to grow and find our life’s passions.  Self-love is not a destination or a singular event.  It is a practice that requires time and patience with ourselves.  It can be the foundation on which we build a happy and stable life.”   Tori Skene

A few tips on how to love yourself by Cheryl Rainfield:

Praise yourself as a daily routine.  After reading the 13 Statements in the morning to start your day, add a praise to it.  Let it be your daily mantra.  You can do this at the end of the day as well as you reflect on something you feel you’ve done well or responded in a way that supports your well-being.

Love yourself like a cherished friend, speaking and responding to yourself as you would a friend.  Be kind and compassionate as you speak to yourself.  Try closing your eyes and think of that friend and all the things you love and appreciate about them.  Now turn it around the other way – be your friend, feeling that same deep caring love for yourself.

Practice self-care by doing nurturing and comforting things for yourself.

In doing these practices, create a positive affirmation and write it down.  Display it so when doubt comes in that you are worthy of self-love and being loved by others, you can repeat the affirmation.  It needs to be a strong, loving message even if you aren’t fully believing it.  Your affirmation can be changed to acknowledge your inner beliefs of being lovable and worthy as you grow to know this truth.

Bonded in learning to love ourselves and learning that others love us, Dee

Sunday, March 7th @  2:00 pm Eastern
Recovery as a Practice with Dawn Nickel
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