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Monday Thoughts 4/13/2020

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  ~~Aesop

“Happiness is acceptance.  ~~Unknown

“The grass is always greener where you water it.”  ~~Unknown

#3 Happiness is a habit I am developing.

Happiness is created, not waited for.

Last week I was able to celebrate a new milestone in my New Life; 13 years of sobriety.  This felt incredibly special to me, one year for every Statement.  Yet, what is even more significant are all the changes that have come from that initial day of sobriety.

The changes did not occur overnight and have come over an extended period of time.  Statement #3 encourages me to challenge unhappiness and create it myself. The definition of happiness also took on a whole new meaning in my New Life.  In the past, happy meant escaping from reality and having a “good time.” Little did I know that I was creating the opposite effect while cementing emotional turmoil.  Today, happiness feels more like contentment and remains even while feeling imbalance.

As we move through this time of uncertainty in our lives, it is important to keep joy, happiness, contentment and even laughter present.  Below, you will find a calendar that can be used to track, implement and continue to find joy as we live and adapt to ever changing circumstances.  Stay healthy, be well.

What methods help you to remain balanced during this global crisis?




Hi 4C Women,

I love this calendar and have subscribed to receiving it by email for over a year.  I love the positive reminders as it relates to various feelings such as coping for April.  It may seem extremely challenging to practice Statement #3 at this time yet it is crucial that we have a foundation in place to sustain us as we work through the ups and downs of social distancing.

Jean always said that happiness comes in moments.  It’s the awareness of those moments that we can hold onto in our memory banks.  Those precious moments will help build our foundation.  I call it contentment as Karen does.  There is a strong sense of contentment and peace that keeps me assured I will make it through this pandemic.  It also helps me accept that my feelings – a mixture of fear and hope – are okay.  I, too, understand that I denied or tried to ignore my fears which led to drinking.  Now I can say I don’t fear, fear.  It’s a natural response to circumstances.  It’s how I cope and respond to fear today that makes the difference.  That’s where the strong foundation I created gives me hope and, yes, courage.  So, if I feel sad, disappointed, concerned or unsure, I am okay with that.  I accept it, I examine it and then cope by working diligently on recalling fond memories and am grateful for those and the new ones I will create.

I decided to clean out my bedroom closet and found so many treasures I had completely forgotten such as my mom’s Easter hats, button collection that was hers and won me an award when I was a little kid for having the most different buttons, a love letter my dad wrote to my mom, lots of professional photos of my granddaughter growing up, wigs from the 70s and so much more.  I found myself smiling and crying and then smiling again.  There were a lot of memories buried in that closet and I wouldn’t have gone through it if it wasn’t for the social distancing.  I’ve also been in contact with so many people and that’s been such a gift.  So, Jean was so right when she said happiness comes in moments.  It is our willingness to create and be aware of those moments, hold onto them and know new ones are out there.

What happiness moments have you experienced recently?

Can you recall past happy moments in this time of quiet solitude?

What is giving you hope and courage?

Bonded in developing happiness and building a foundation of contentment, Dee

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