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Sooze: WFS Positive Approach Empowers

Women for Sobriety’s new group meets at YMCA in Mill Creek


4 thoughts on “Sooze: WFS Positive Approach Empowers

  1. Hi Sooze: I am fairly desperate to leave AA. I live in the Asheville area & want to start getting acquainted with WFS. My reasons are plentiful. I am very disheartened by the “one size fits all” philosophy. Frankly, I have a fear of leaving. (I,ve attempted sobriety many times over the years) We are told if we leave AA, we will surely drink. It is never the fault of aa why the program did not work. But always, the alcoholic.

    I am willing to be honest & face this “disease” head on at last. I have always gotten sober for others & it did not work in the long term. Today I am eager to be sober for myself & so far I have 5 months of continuous sobriety. But today I am on shaky ground as I really do not wish to accept any longer the demoralizing (for me) philosophy of aa.

    I am also a senior citizen., albeit a healthy & happy one if it were not for this monkey on my back. I want the rest of my years to be positive ones.

    Thank you so much


    1. Hi Jean! We hope that you will connect with Sooze and other women using the New Life Program of recovery at (FYI this blog is managed by the WFS organization, so Sooze may or may not see this message from you.)

  2. Hi Adrienne:

    Thanks for getting back to me. I really am learning to navigate around the site & its taking some time. I did not see where to leave Sooze a message. I think I,ve met her in Asheville where I live & would like to re-connect. Please let me know how if this is appropriate. In the meantime, I am enjoying looking around at the hopeful, positive new life program

    I,d like to get in chat rooms & really connect on a daily basis. The other program I,m thinking of leaving has f2f meetings all the time. We have one here & I will surely go!!

    1. That article lists an email address for the new WFS meeting that Sooze facilitates – [email protected] – and I’m sure you could reach her there!

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