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Monday Thoughts 10/7/2019

Monday Thoughts

“It is not always possible to do away with negative thinking, but with persistence and practice, one can gain mastery over them so that they do not take the upper hand.” ~~Stephen Richards

“Do not allow negative people to turn you into one of them.” ~~Unknown

“If I am not persistent with my desire to think about other things, and consciously initiate new circuits of thought, then those uninvited loops can generate new strength and begin to monopolizing my mind again. To counter their activities, I keep a handy list of three things available for me to turn my consciousness toward when I am in a state of need: 1) I remember something I find fascinating that I would like to ponder more deeply, 2) I think about something that brings me terrific joy, or 3) I think about something I would like to do.” ~~ Jill Bolte Taylor, My Stroke of Insight

Statement #2
Negative thoughts destroy only myself.
My first conscious sober act is to reduce negativity in my life.

Jill Bolte Taylor, author of one of my favorite books, My Stroke of Insight, utilizes wisdom in combating negativity. By changing the topic of what her consciousness is focusing on, she changes her outlook. Not allowing negativity to overwhelm, she stays engaged and aware, exactly how Statement #2 affirms.

Before sobriety and New Life, it was easy to be wrapped up in negativity, or be drawn to it. For many women, alcohol and negativity tended to go hand in hand but with daily practice of Statement #2, that old connection can be lessened or even closed, and a new path created.

The three suggestions that Ms. Taylor turns to instead of negativity can work for anyone. However, you are encouraged to come up with three of your own and share them on the WFS Forum or in your F2F group. If you are not involved with either of these empowering avenues, you can share or discuss with family or friends. It is a great way to reduce negativity and learn other options to manage your thoughts.


Hi 4C Women,

I love the questions and found question #1 the most challenging in finding something fascinating that I want to ponder more deeply. I jokingly pondered why aging is so difficult with all its aches, pains and restrictions. But then, that seemed a bit negative (lol) and I’m sure Ms. Taylor did not mean that kind of deep pondering. So, I decided to dig deeper as she suggested. I was surprised at how much fascinates me and it’s mostly centered on the question why? Why do we feel our needs are second, why is it so much easier to give than to receive, why are we fearful of rejection, abandonment, unwilling to set healthy boundaries? These are not frivolous questions. I believe they are the stepping stones to real change. For me it is the beginning of paying attention to a negative thought, transforming it by truthfully digging deep for answers and hopefully leading to the path of finding my voice, no longer saying yes automatically when I want to say no, being true to myself. Perhaps my personal question is why do I invalidate myself with negative self-talk when it only continues to hurt. This is how I, and we, learn to turn the negative into a loving positive and mean it, feel it and live it!

In the end, I can see how invaluable each of these questions are in changing a negative thought into a positive one. When I think of what brings me joy and a smile to my face, it’s easier to replace that negative thought.  Hard to be negative when a big, authentic smile is on my face. And it’s even more difficult to be negative when making plans for something I would like to do and then actually do it!

The best part about Statement #2 for me, is that is allows me the time to process reducing my negativity. Words are powerful, use them wisely, lovingly and learn to lift yourself up with positive ones.

Bonded in making a conscious effort to reduce negativity in our lives and our thoughts to promote our well-being and self-love,
your 4C sister

2 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts 10/7/2019

  1. Today it seems this blog has been written just for me. I need ed to read these words so much I have tears in my eyes. Thank you and God bless us every one. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! Just what i needed to read this morning! You put a smile on my face!

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