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Organization Update 9/21/18

Where has the week gone? It has been very busy doing the normal business of the organization: updating meeting information and the online Meeting Finder, following up with inquiries about our program and outreach opportunities, and with one of the staff members out sick, picking and packing bookstore orders! We also had a meeting of the Board of Directors on Thursday evening. The new board members are really such a great addition to the team, I have high hopes for this group of driven women. This in addition to continuing to support – and receive support in – the collective grief process as we work together at being present for each other in this time of change. Truly, being witness to the growth is awe-inspiring for me.

I’ve been busy supporting the face-to-face program this week, too. I sent out 4 Starter Kits to newly-certified Moderators and Co-Moderators! Also a Professional Starter Kit for a treatment center that is considering adding the New Life Program to its treatment offerings. Having worked as an addictions counselor myself, I know how rare it is (unfortunately) for facilities to offer choices for mutual aid groups, so I really applaud this center for exploring this great option for their female participants. I also heartily thank our new CMs and CCMs for their commitment to making sure that WFS is available in their local communities! Two new meetings in Florida have been announced recently, I have one more in California to post, and another one in Arizona is starting soon.

Our other volunteer numbers continue to grow, as well, although there’s nothing very specific to report this week (unless you count the 90-minute Skype meeting with the Board Ambassador for the new Conference Planning Workgroup – what a trooper she is!). If you have applied for our volunteer list and don’t have a job yet, don’t worry, I will find something for you to do! And I appreciate your patience as we continue to work on our new routines.

Some of you may remember last week when I mentioned negotiating with the landlord about our heaters in the office. Well, they are 50 years old and have been shut off due to gas leaks. Making matters worse, because of their age, no replacement parts are available! Well, the landlord has said a flat no to helping replace them and unfortunately we have no recourse under our lease, plus the air conditioner broke on Monday, too! This could mean that thousands of dollars that we have collected for New Life Program outreach and program services would have to be spent on a new HVAC system which we couldn’t even take with us if we move out of this building at the end of our lease in 2 years. Luckily, a sympathetic reporter got wind of the story and came to Quakertown to interview me! After I finished panicking, I actually had a lovely conversation with him and he put together a beautiful segment for the morning news – you can watch it here. We are hopeful that a local HVAC technician or manufacturer will see the story and be willing to donate their labor or a heater to us before it gets too cold! If you are on facebook, please help us boost the signal by liking, commenting on, and sharing our post about it.

Enthusiastically Yours!
Adrienne Miller
Women for Sobriety, Inc.

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