Monday Thoughts 10/8/18

“One day I looked at something in myself that I had been avoiding because it was too painful. Yet once I did, I had an unexpected surprise. Rather than self-hatred, I was flooded with compassion for myself because I realized the pain necessary to develop that coping mechanism to begin with.” ~~Marianne Williamson “Failing well is a skill. Letting […]

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Organization Update 10/5/18

WFS booth at NAADAC conference

Hello Friends! Sorry so late tonight – I have been busy with travel and the NAADAC conference today. Here’s a picture of the booth – sorry, it’s not a great shot and the color is a little off (I’ve been go-go-going since 3 am, what can I say). The beautiful runners were designed by WFS […]

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Monday Thoughts 10-1-18

“Behind every successful woman there is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” ~~unknown “Tell your story. Shout it. Write it. Whisper it if you have to. But tell it. Some won’t understand it. Some will outright reject it. But many will thank you for it. And then the most magical thing will happen. One by one, voices will start whispering, ‘Me […]

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Organization Update 9/28/2018

"Before" and "After" photos of a cluttered and slightly-less-cluttered office, as well as a photo of the back of a minivan filled with electronic devices.

Wow! What a difference a day makes! Four competent women converged on the office last Saturday and helped with a major reorganization and cleaning effort. As Chaos33, our intrepid organizer, said, “You can get a lot more done with 5 women in 1 day than 1 woman could get done in 5 days.” And how! […]

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Monday Thoughts 9/24/18

“Practice does not make perfect, practice makes routine and practiced routine makes a master.” ~~unknown “You are all things. Denying, rejecting, judging, or hiding from any aspect of your total being creates pain and results in a lack of wholeness.” ~~Joy Page “The way anything is developed is through practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice […]

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Organization Update 9/21/18

Where has the week gone? It has been very busy doing the normal business of the organization: updating meeting information and the online Meeting Finder, following up with inquiries about our program and outreach opportunities, and with one of the staff members out sick, picking and packing bookstore orders! We also had a meeting of […]

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New WFS Meeting – Holiday, FL

WFS is proud to announce the start of a new face-to-face meeting! Holiday, FL Thursdays at 7:30 pm   Please email [email protected] with questions and to obtain the exact location of the meeting. Please join us in extending our gratitude to the volunteer Certified Moderator who has made the commitment to bring the New Life Program […]

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Monday Thoughts 9/17/2018

“Have a vision.  It is the ability to see the invisible.  If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.”  ~~Shiv Khera “It shouldn’t be easy to be amazing.  Then everything would be.  It’s the things you fight for and struggle with before earning that have the greatest worth.  When something’s difficult to […]

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Organization Update 9/14/18

Two stacks of flyers overlapping slightly

Hello Competent Women! As many of you know, I have recently been appointed to the position of President/CEO here at Women for Sobriety. What an honor to serve the women (and future women) of the New Life Program in this way! Thank you for all the congratulations and well wishes that have been sent my […]

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A Time of Change

Just as the seasons evolve, Women for Sobriety is in the midst of change.  Change can be difficult to move through but it is a key aspect of sobriety and recovery. Some of these changes may bring up feelings of unease, or discomfort, yet each change happens for the growth, betterment and future of Women for […]

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