Transformed! A Guided Meditation

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A Guided Meditation by 4C woman Ginger Rathert

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Experience the power of being guided on a journey through the Acceptance Statements. You will be led through a series of visualizations that will strengthen your understanding of each affirmation. After this session it will be easy to apply the statements to your own life. You will receive a visual treasure to associate with each of the foundational statements of WFS and the New Life Program. Your life will be Transformed!

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Recorded by Ginger Rathert.  Ginger joined WFS shortly after she began her final sobriety 2 and a half years ago. In her professional life, before she retired, she was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She holds a BS and an MA in Counseling. She received specialized training in advanced hypnotherapy, which she utilized in her practice. She began doing guided meditations when her son was a toddler as she put him to bed and “floated him on a cloud”. Now she floats her 2 grandchildren when she babysits them. Ginger has led many women’s retreats in her community, was a popular speaker and has done group guided meditations on many topics and at many venues. She, her husband of over 40 years, 3 Golden Retrievers, 3 cats and 3 horses live in Texas.

Length: 1 hour

Recorded in Spring 2017

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