Acceptance Statements Card Set


Set of 14 cards featuring the Acceptance Statements

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This set of 14 cards were specially designed by a 4C woman to enhance participant’s practice of the New Life Program. Set features the revised Acceptance Statements from the 2017 edition of the WFS Program Booklet. The back of every card displays a colorful mandala surrounded by the WFS motto, and the bonus fourteenth card contains the WFS Philosophy, “Release the past – Plan for tomorrow – Live for today.”

Some of the creative ideas that women have shared about how these card sets enhance their recovery includes:

  • Use them as flashcards to help memorize the Statements.
  • Keep morning meditation fresh by shuffling them up to randomize your morning reading.
  • Randomly select a Statement to focus on for the day (or the week).
  • Have a meeting attendee draw a card to spontaneously determine a topic for group discussion.

Have another fun idea or use for your Statement Cards? Please share them in the Reviews section!

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