About WFS

Mission Statement:

Women for Sobriety (WFS) is an organization whose purpose is to help all women find their individual path to recovery through discovery of self, gained by sharing experiences, hopes and encouragement with other women in similar circumstances.  We are an abstinence-based self-help program for women facing issues of alcohol or drug addiction.  Our “New Life” Program acknowledges the very special needs women have in recovery – the need to nurture feelings of self-value and self-worth and the desire to discard feelings of guilt, shame, and humiliation.

WFS is unique in that it is an organization of women for women.  We are not affiliated with any other recovery organization and stand on our own principles and philosophies.  We recognize each woman’s necessity for self-discovery.  WFS offers a variety of recovery tools to guide a woman in developing coping skills which focus on emotional growth, spiritual growth, self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle.  Our vision is to encourage all women in developing personal growth and continued abstinence through the “New Life” Program.

WFS believes that addiction began to overcome stress, loneliness, frustration or emotional deprivation in daily life – dependence often resulted.  Physical, mental, and emotional addiction are overcome with abstinence and the knowledge of self gained through the principles and philosophies of WFS.  Membership in WFS requires a sincere desire for an abstinent “New Life.”  WFS members live by the philosophy:  “Release the past – plan for tomorrow – live for today.”

Revised: June 10, 2011
WFS Board of Directors

WFS Board of Directors:

Karen Hamm - President
Susie Minervini - 1st Vice President
Adrienne Miller - 2nd Vice President
Joan S - Secretary
Becky Fenner - Director
Wendy Davis - Treasurer
Renee Franklin
Britt Rodriguez
Wendy E Sands
Caitlin Garber
Antoinette Wilson
Irene Vining

Who We Are:

Women For Sobriety is both an organization and a self-help program for women with alcohol and/or drug addictions. It is, in fact, the first national self-help program for women alcoholics.

Women For Sobriety has been providing services to women alcoholics since July, 1976. The WFS "New Life" Program grew out of one woman's search for sobriety. (See Turnabout: New Help for the Woman Alcoholic.) Now hundreds of WFS self-help groups are found all across this country and abroad.

Based upon a Thirteen Statement Program of positivity that encourages emotional and spiritual growth, the "New Life" Program has been extremely effective in helping women to overcome their alcoholism and learn a wholly new lifestyle. As a Program, it can stand alone or be used along with other programs simultaneously.

It is being used not only by women alcoholics in small self-help groups but also in hospitals, clinics, treatment facilities, women centers, and wherever alcoholics are being treated.

What We Do:

The activities of WFS are: the establishment of self-help groups, and the distribution of literature to women who ask for our help. Unfunded by any agency, WFS derives its operational money from group donations, sale of literature, annual conference, fund raising auctions and outside donations.

Why A Program For Women Only?

Until the founding of WFS, it was assumed that any program for recovery from alcoholism would work equally well for women as for men. When it became obvious that recovery rates for male alcoholics were higher than for females, it was then declared that women were harder to treat and were less cooperative than male alcoholics.

WFS came forth with the belief that women alcoholics require a different kind of program in recovery than the kinds of programs used for male alcoholics.

The success of the WFS "New Life" Program has shown this to be true. Although the physiological recovery from alcoholism is the same for both sexes, the psychological (emotional) needs for women are very different in recovery from those of the male alcoholic. The "New Life" Program is directed to these specific needs of the woman alcoholic in recovery.

There are an estimated 7,500,000 women alcoholics in the United States alone. That number of women alcoholics is equal to the TOTAL population of: Maine, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah. Surely this large number of women deserves a program that speaks to their specific needs in recovery.

We know the WFS "New Life" Program does this.

Women For Sobriety has self-help groups throughout the world. In addition WFS produces and distributes booklets and literature written specifically to the needs of women alcoholics. Since WFS started in 1976, the "New Life" Program has been adapted for other addictions. In addition many men have requested the Program and Men For Sobriety groups are beginning in the United States and Canada.

For additional information including the "New Life" Program and our complete recovery catalog, please contact us.