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Jean Kirkpatrick’s Legacy and WFS Today


Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick’s Legacy

Dr. Kirkpatrick was recognized as an expert on addiction in women. Her dream to have women meet in self-help groups throughout the country has become a reality, both in location-based and online meetings. Treatment facilities also use the program.

Thousands of women have used the New Life Program to achieve sobriety and reclaim their lives. The WFS Acceptance Statements are the recovering woman’s guide to everyday thinking and living. As the New Life Program evolved, participants began to request a more chronological guide for their recoveries. In response Jean defined Levels of Recovery. Jean also wrote articles on recovery related topics, such as Early SobrietySelf EsteemUnderstanding Relapse and many more.


On June 19, 2000, Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick passed away at the age of 77. Her life experiences and recovery journey, expressed so well in her books and the WFS New Life Program, have had such a personal and positive impact on many women in recovery.

Consider celebrating Jean’s 100th with a $100 donation

One time, today, or in small monthly installments (8.34/ month for this year for a total of $100.08). Your generous gift will allow WFS to continue to support and distribute this life-changing program, continuing Jean’s meaningful impact on women’s recovery.