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with Karlee Fain

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Karlee Fain was the Keynote Speaker at the WFS Annual Weekend Conference 2018. She has generously provided these DVDs to serve as a fundraiser for WFS! Don’t miss this limited-time offer!

From Karlee’s website:

Feel Great! Join Celebrity Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, Karlee Fain, as she guides you through ways to stretch, strengthen, relax and most certainly have fun discovering your own unique way to health!

Never exercised before? An experienced yogi? There is something for everyone in this DVD as it encourages you to modify each posture so that you too may thrive! Enjoy Karlee’s extensive knowledge of anatomy as she delivers it in a way that the average person can enjoy.

Each of the 6 segments is a full experience, and can stand alone if you want to feel great in just a few minutes, or play them continuously for over 80mins of warm up, postures, cool down and deep revitalizing relaxation.”

Every Body Yoga DVD Includes:
Introduction (2:25)
Building the Fire: Warming up (22:54)
Yoga Posture Flow (18:41)
Centering Cool Down (19:19)
Guided Deep Relaxation (9:18)
**Bonus: Rejuvenating Guided Metta Mediation (8:14)**

Total Running Time: 81 minutes

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