Become a Moderator

WFS Moderators Are:

  • Abstinent from alcohol and drug addiction for at least one year.
  • Well-versed in the "New Life" Program and WFS Literature.
  • Has read Turnabout by Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick.
  • Lives by the WFS Philosophy: release the past, plan for tomorrow, and live for today.
  • Volunteer themselves to lead WFS meetings.

WFS Membership Means:

  • A desire to stop drinking & a sincere desire for a new life.
  • Daily reading from the Program Booklet.
  • Daily meditation and reading of Reflections for Growth booklets.
  • Subscription to the WFS newsletter, "Sobering Thoughts."
  • Regular attendance at WFS meetings and making a commitment to your group. (If there is a group in your area)

WFS Meeting Guidelines

This is just a basic overview of a WFS Meeting and Group Guidelines to assist you in leading WFS meetings. If you have any questions or problems arise that you are unsure of how to handle once your group starts, please consult with the WFS Headquarters and also your Guidelines Booklet and Moderator's Manual that is included in your Starter Kit. The following meeting format, however, must be adhered to in order to keep all WFS groups, throughout the world, uniform.

WFS Meeting Format

Begin on time and call the meeting to order.  When possible, have the women sit in a circle.

Open the meeting by reading the WFS Mission Statement, either by yourself or ask someone from the group.  (Both the Mission Statement and the 13 Acceptance Statements are to be read at the beginning of each meeting.  You may choose which one to read first.)

Have each member of the group read one of the 13 Statements of the WFS "New Life" Program; have the entire group read the thought-action (italicized portion) of the WFS Program until all 13 have been read.  (Some moderators also read WFS's Reflections for Growth for that day.)  Briefly describe the WFS meeting guidelines regarding:  confidentiality, refraining from side conversations, giving everyone a chance to speak, not using specific names/brands of alcoholic beverages nor telling drinking stories, no advice giving, no ingestion of alcohol/drugs the day of the meeting, etc..  This is especially helpful when a new member arrives, and also when the moderator needs to remind a member of a certain guideline.  Therefore make it part of the explained guidelines and not personal.

Then each woman introduces herself by saying, "My name is Jean and I am a competent woman."  Share a positive action (how you handled a situation differently) or a feeling (you were able to identify and respond to differently) and select one of the 13 Statements to which it relates.  If there is a new member, ask her how she learned about WFS or why she chose to come to a WFS meeting.

Before announcing the topic, ask the members if anyone has an urgent need for support or guidance (share how you handled a similar situation). Announce the topic to be discussed.  (Always have a meeting topic prepared.) WFS groups use only WFS literature to keep the focus of the meeting on the program and its philosophy.

The meeting should last between an hour and an hour and a half.  Close the meeting on time, by standing in a circle (if possible) with joined hands and together recite the WFS Motto:  "We are capable and competent, caring and compassionate, always willing to help another, bonded together in overcoming our addictions."

*Many moderators pass an envelope or covered jar (for privacy) during the meeting to collect a donation for the WFS Program.  The suggested donation is $2 (more if possible, less if necessary); however no one is turned away from the meeting if they are unable to give a donation.  These group donations are sent directly to the WFS office to help support the program's services and to help defray some of the operating costs of the organization. Group donations are not to be used to purchase literature for the group or for other expenses (such as rent), although you may wish to have a separate collection jar for women to participate in creating a lending library for the group.  Making a donation toward the program is an important part of recovery.

For the health of our members, there is to be no smoking during the meetings.

Women for Sobriety Bylaws

  1. All Women for Sobriety groups are governed by the rules and regulations under which the national organization is governed by State and Federal non-profit laws, and by Women for Sobriety Bylaws. This includes the United States and foreign countries.
  2. Groups are part of the national organization and report to that organization’s national office. As such, groups may not open bank accounts, nor establish a separate program nor have a ruling board of directors.
  3. All literature, audio and/or video content, and the “New Life” Program of Women for Sobriety, Inc. are under copyright laws and may not be reproduced.
  4. Groups (or members) may not create their own literature in Women for Sobriety’s name.
  5. Moderators of groups are certified by the national office of Women for Sobriety, Inc. They must keep astute financial records and are responsible for the collection of group donations at the weekly meetings and forwarding these group donations to the national office within 30 days of collection.
  6. Groups may not conduct business in the name of “Women for Sobriety” without the consent of the Director or the Board of Directors.
  7. Only Board members, Certified Moderators or Co-Moderators may make official presentations unless they obtain permission from Women for Sobriety, Inc.
  8. Contracts with corporations, foundations or individuals are to be agreed upon and approved by the national office of Women for Sobriety, Inc. before submission.

Amended November 2, 2007

WFS Board of Directors

WFS requests that you dedicate yourself, as a Certified Moderator or Certified Chat Leader to at least 6 months of leading WFS meetings and/or chats before choosing to disband the group.

Click here to print the Application for Moderator Certification.

When completed please mail application to Women for Sobriety, Inc., PO Box 618, Quakertown, PA 18951