Group Info

What is WFS?

WFS is a self-help Program for women with problems of addiction. It is the first and only self-help Program for women only and its precepts take into account the very special problems women have in recovery – the need for feelings of self-value and self-worth, and the need to expatiate feelings of guilt and humiliation.



Anything discussed at a WFS meeting is confidential. The identity of members is not revealed to outsiders. It is up to the discretion of each person whether she wants to break her own anonymity as a member.

Group Size:

The ideal size of a group is from six to ten women, small enough so that every woman has a chance to be involved in discussions. WFS groups are like a conversation in the round. Each group, however, determines its own size. However, you can begin a group with just 2 women.

How the Group is Run:

Groups are run by a WFS Certified Moderator. Moderators must have good sobriety and be thoroughly acquainted with the WFS Program and its philosophy. Meetings are held at least once a week and do not exceed one hour and a half. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Moderator, please contact WFS Headquarters for the proper information to be sent to you.

Group Meeting Format:

All WFS meetings follow a structured format. The Moderator opens the meeting and then reads the Thirteen Statements of the WFS "New Life" Program and the Mission Statement. Each woman is then asked to introduce herself and give herself a stroke (something positive about herself). "My name is__________and I am a competent woman. This week I …" The discussion part of the meeting comes from the Moderator's Manual (supplied in the Group Starter Kit) and other various WFS literature. The meeting is closed by joining hands and together reciting the WFS motto: "We are capable and competent, caring and compassionate, always willing to help another, bonded together in overcoming our addictions."


Literature is given to each woman at her first meeting. Following that, it is suggested that each woman have her own small Program Booklet and should at some time read the book Turnabout: New Help For The Woman Alcoholic, by Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick, Founder of WFS. The book is about her drinking, her recovery and how WFS came into being from that recovery. Members should also subscribe to "Sobering Thoughts", the official WFS publication.

To find out the closest WFS Group in your area, please contact WFS Headquarters. This confidential information is only given to the woman alcoholic. WFS groups are only open to women with alcohol and/or chemical dependence.

The Women For Sobriety "New Life" Program promotes behavioral changes by:

  • Positive reinforcement (approval and encouragement).
  • Cognitive strategies (positive thinking).
  • Letting the body help (relaxation techniques, meditation, diet and physical exercise).
  • Dynamic group involvement.

The Program concentrates on learning new self-enhancing behavior rather than using fear, reproachments and dependencies to control old destructive practices.